Day Care

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Bringing your child to The Smiling Stars Daycare is like being welcomed into a big, extended family. We do our best to create a friendly, home away from home atmosphere and provide a warm, caring, safe environment where your child can grow, learn, explore and have plenty of fun.

Our daycare facility is open for our school children and children from other schools between the age group of 15 months to 10 years.

We also take infants as young as 6 months old so that the mommies can get back to their work without compromising on the quality of care, affection and warmth their tiny tots get.


LIVE Web Telecast

For parents peace of mind we have added extra security in the daycare and that is through the safe and secure webcam. Parents can view their child as they play and learn via a secure internet access using their unique password given to them after they enrol at the daycare.

Meal Time

We offer breakfast, lunch and evening snacks  to our children during the day. All our food is freshly prepared on site by our in-house cooks.Our mealtimes are a relaxed, sociable experience where children can enjoy trying new tastes and textures. Our menus reflect the diversity of cultures that we enjoy.

Nap Time

After fun filled day at preschool or big school, your child will have much needed rest. Children are catered for in secure, comfortable and cosy sleep areas .

Evening Fun

After the much needed rest followed by a yummy and nutritious evening snack, our children have various activities to choose from like free outdoor or indoor play, dance, creative craft, French language, abacus, etc. or just finishing up the homework.

We are certain that our DAYCARE is an ideal setting for your child to flourish. Our approachable nature makes it easy for children to feel safe and above all, have lots of fun.